ER24 is a private emergency service, comprising an ambulance service and a network of national hospitals. It operates a 24-hour centralised emergency contact centre (tel. 084 124), from where ambulances and emergency personnel are dispatched. It also offers emergency telephonic advice. Its private hospital network comprises Medi-Clinic hospitals, of which there are more than 50 across the country.

Netcare 911 is another privately-run emergency service and one of the biggest in the world. Its services include road assistance and evacuation; an aero-medical division with fixed wing and helicopter emergency services, including surf life-saving; international assistance; and a 24-hour emergency operations centre (tel. 082 911), which also offers emergency telephonic medical advice. It operates 53 private hospitals under the Netcare name across South Africa.

The national government-run emergency service, called Emergency Management Service (EMS), includes ambulance services (tel. 10177) and national fire departments. All cities have their own dedicated fire department telephone number. The South African Police Service flying squad can be reached on tel. 10111. The state also runs a network of around 400 hospitals, although not all are equipped to deal with trauma cases.

A service that has been designed specifically with international visitors in mind is the provision of travel assistance packages, costed at a daily rate, which include emergency assistance. These services include dedicated hotline numbers that can be called in case of an emergency and liaison with visitors' travel insurers under such circumstances. 

While they are not emergency service providers themselves, they use a network of such providers to respond to clients' emergency needs.

One such package is SA Assist, provided by Africa Incident Management (AIM) Centre, which also runs SATIB24 Crisis Call - a crisis call service widely used in the South African tourism and hospitality industry to respond to emergency incidents.

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