Welcome to South Africa!

    Land of good food, good music, good times and friendly people! Allow us to indulge you.

    It's vibrant. Alive. Filled with culture and zest.

    Where you'll find star-studded nights and bright city lights, world-renowned wines and exquisite cuisines. It's a place where you'll find the roar of lions amongst the whisper of grasslands.

    Where you will enjoy so much more, for far less than you thought possible.

    Come explore. Come meet. Come discover. 

    Come experience the best we have to offer you:

    The Blue Train

    What can beat that feeling of going to sleep with a Karoo moon in the sky outside, and waking up to a pot of fresh coffee, surrounded by Cape vineyards as the Blue Train makes her stately way into the Mother City? More

    Hot-air ballooning

    Peaceful and serene, hot-air ballooning is a wonderful adventure. From the thrill of watching the balloon inflate, and the imperceptible lift-off, to the gentle descents with the pilot skimming the treetops one moment then sending you soaring heavenwards the next. And the sensational views are unforgettable! More

    Sun City, North West

    The Sun City theme park in the North West province is part of the Sun City resort and entertainment complex, offering a myriad of leisure and recreation options for the entire family.  More

    African-inspired treatments

    African-inspired treatments are all the rage at various spas throughout the country. Instead of looking to other continents for inspiration our local spas have done some soul-searching and have come up with a range of unique treats and treatments inspired by the sacred knowledge found in our own backyard. More