Travel tips

South African Customs: items & amounts you can bring in duty free

South African Customs regulations afford visitors to the country the opportunity to bring in certain goods without incurring duties and value added tax (VAT).  These are limited in quantity and value. On arrival, you can take the green ‘nothing to declare' channel if you stick to these allowances: Personal effects... Read more

With good infrastructure, getting around South Africa is easy

Travelling around South Africa is relatively easy by air, road and rail. Principal air routes are serviced by SAA and British Airways, operated by Comair. There are 3 low-cost carriers on main routes, namely, Mango and 1time.  South African Express and Airlink serve the smaller centres. Facilitating getting around... Read more

It's always a 'best time to visit South Africa', all year round

Picking a best time to visit South Africa is not a task easily accomplished.  After all, this is a country famous for its sunshine and relatively warm winters.  Perhaps it's wise to consider what it is you wish to do and see, along with the South African tourism seasons.  For... Read more

Animals and Pets

Before making the decision to bring animals and pets to South Africa, bear in mind that regulations apply.  For one, a quarantine period for 14 days applies to dogs from a number of specified countries; happily cats escape this requirement. What's more, getting your animals into South Africa is often... Read more

Electricity in South Africa: about volts, amps and plugs

With a few exceptions in deep rural areas, electricity is available almost everywhere in South Africa. With the growth of the population, business and industry, supply is sometimes under pressure, particularly in densely populated urban areas when usage reaches a peak, such as on winter evenings, resulting in a power... Read more

Drinking water in South Africa, where tap water is clean and safe

Drinking water in South Africa is quite safe when taken from the tap or faucet  -  in fact our tap water is said to be some of the safest and cleanest in the world. The Department of Water Affairs and Forestry recently stated that the country's national standard compares well... Read more

Elderly facilities in South Africa inspire tourist confidence

With medical advances, people enjoy longer life spans, with the result that the elderly now constitute a sizeable tourist market.  Acknowledging this, elderly facilities in South Africa are receiving more attention. Medical authorities suggest a number of precautionary steps to ensure elderly-friendly holidays in South Africa.  Here are some points... Read more

Emergency services and assistance in South Africa

ER24 is a private emergency service, comprising an ambulance service and a network of national hospitals. It operates a 24-hour centralised emergency contact centre (tel. 084 124), from where ambulances and emergency personnel are dispatched. It also offers emergency telephonic advice. Its private hospital network comprises Medi-Clinic hospitals, of which... Read more

Tons of fun to be had in family-friendly holidays in South Africa

South Africa is a perfect family-friendly holiday destination with much to interest offspring of all ages.  There's beach fun, the thrill of seeing animals in the wild, theme parks, sports facilities and adventure activities. Children-friendly facilities are found throughout South Africa.  Hotels will oblige with inter-leading rooms, triple bed arrangements,... Read more

Food Etiquette in South Africa: a largely Westernised affair

Of their 3 meals a day, most South Africans enjoy their main meal at night. Lunches are generally far lighter, except for the business lunch which may be a full 3-course affair, depending on the occasion. On weekends, however, you may encounter large parties in cafes around mid-morning, as ‘brunch'... Read more