The Green Leaf is the iconic symbol of the Wilderness Foundation, which initiated the Green Leaf Environmental Standard. The standard seeks to recognise environmental consciousness in the South African tourism industry.

Did you know?

The three-pointed leaf, the symbol of the Wilderness Foundation, is symbolic of important relationships: person to divinity, person to soil and person to person.

The Foundation hopes to forge a better understanding between ecosystem health and human well-being. The Green Leaf Environmental Standard is a tried and tested environmental management system aimed at fostering this understanding.

The standard is categorised into five elements that reflect environmental concerns: water, energy, waste, green procurement and innovation. These elements are then divided into sub-categories, which produce a score out of 100. Scores above 75% are recognised with a Green Leaf, while those above 95% are distinguished with a Gold Leaf.

Since its launch in 2008, accommodation owners all over Africa have embraced the Green Leaf Environmental Standard and are undergoing assessments. Tour operators have also endorsed the Green Leaf Environmental Standard in response to the growing environmental pressures, traveller awareness and consumerism.

Sustainable tourism is essential if the planet is to reverse the effects of global environmental damage. If you are travelling in South Africa, seek out the Green Leaf Environmental Standard as a means of minimising your own carbon footprint as well as issuing a challenge to those in the tourism industry that being green is not only viable but essential.

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