With medical advances, people enjoy longer life spans, with the result that the elderly now constitute a sizeable tourist market.  Acknowledging this, elderly facilities in South Africa are receiving more attention.

Medical authorities suggest a number of precautionary steps to ensure elderly-friendly holidays in South Africa.  Here are some points from their sage advice.

Plan your travel well ahead, and choose an itinerary with a slower pace.

Have a full medical check-up before departure, and obtain the necessary prescriptions for chronic medication.

Take into account any vaccinations or prophylaxes required by your destination country, and have them in good time.

If you have existing illnesses, research medical facilities.  There are plenty of specialised facilities in our country to afford you an elderly-friendly holiday in South Africa.

For peace of mind, take out comprehensive medical insurance cover with an evacuation provision.

Get fit in preparation for your holiday.

Pack wisely taking climatic conditions into account, and include a first-aid kit with remedies for headaches or travellers ‘diarrhoea.  Prepare for the African sun.

In flight, be sure to move around to keep your circulation pumping.  Most airlines make exercise suggestions in in-flight publications which can be done in your seat. Drink water to prevent dehydration.  Carry your medications as hand luggage (just in case your suitcase goes walkabout).

Follow an easy pace during your holiday, taking sufficient rest.  Eat and drink wisely.

South Africa with its modern medical facilities makes a safe choice for an elderly friendly holiday in South Africa.  Should walking long distances be a problem, arrangements for wheelchairs in shopping centres, airports  and tourist attractions can be organised, but  call ahead.  Senior citizens are sometimes offered reduced rates on proof of identification, adding value to your South African elderly-friendly holiday.