Standards of hygiene in relation to food in South Africa, are generally high in hotels, restaurants and nightspots. It is safe to eat fresh fruit and salad, drink tap water and put ice in your drinks. Our fish, meat and chicken are of excellent quality, so there is no need to limit yourself in exploration of South African food, and the many international cuisines found here too.

Restaurants are subject to national health legislation, which is implemented by local government.  Regulations include certification and regular inspections by health inspectors to ensure hygienic standards are maintained.

Street food is not as common in South Africa as it is, for example, in some Asian countries.    At markets and events, fast-food chains operate mobile outlets or coffee stands, which are safe to patronise.  At markets you will come across individuals making take-away eats like boerewors rolls and other foods typical of South Africa, while in townships it's more common to come across a vendor boiling corn or the local maize, pap - often an essential part of the township experience.