In our child-friendly country, ‘no children' facilities in South Africa are no more common than in any other destination.  If the under-12s are excluded from any attraction or activity, it is usually on account of their safety.

Some of our upmarket game lodges and boutique hotels do have ‘no under-12' policies, but these are amenities which don't really suit their needs anyway and may frustrate their boisterousness by not offering the types of entertainment that would appeal to them.

At fun fairs and theme parks, certain rides may be restricted to young children, and the reason for this is their safety.  But there are usually tons of other, less risky exciting options.  Parents should also pay attention to other safety risks, such as swimming on beaches where there are ‘no swimming' notices and ensuring there is adult supervision at swimming pools.

Casinos are definitely South African ‘adults only' facilities - children under the age of 18 are not allowed on casino floors.  Some casino properties offer amenities where you can leave your young ones in activity centres under qualified care. If they are a little older, there are sure to find more suitable pursuits to keep them occupied while their parents have a flutter.

Health-wise, parents of young children wanting to keep their offspring out of harm's way, may prefer to do their game viewing in malaria-free areas, such as Madikwe, the Pilanesberg or Shamwari, or plan their visits out of rainy season when the malaria-bearing mosquito is active.

South African ‘no children' facilities are, happily, few and far between, and the country for the most part is superb family holiday territory.