Over a decade ago the authorities introduced a series of health-related anti-smoking laws, and reinforced these in 2007 with an even tougher set of measures and penalties to close all loopholes. The legislation has had a noticeable effect on the smoking culture in South Africa.  The site of small groups of people having a quick puff outside office blocks is now quite a common one.

The South African smoking laws prohibit smoking in public spaces, which are defined as 'any indoor, enclosed or partially enclosed area which is open to the public and includes a workplace, a club and a public conveyance'.   South African airports, as is common around the world, are strict on their anti-smoking stance.  The restaurant trade too supportive of anti-smoking legislation in South Africa, and offers designated smoking and non-smoking seating.

So throughout your travels in South Africa, be sensitive to these regulations, and look out for prevalent 'No Smoking' signage.