Women visiting South Africa with a group of female friends or on their own, will find South Africans just as welcoming as all tourists do.  All tourist facilities in South Africa are women-friendly, treating women no differently than they do men.

Well, let's correct that - perhaps on occasion with a little more courtesy.  While women enjoy equal footing with men in urban areas, in the country the genteel manners of pre-women's lib days still persist, and you might find men standing aside as you walk by, or opening doors for you.

But take heed of a few cautionary measures in order to ensure that women-friendly holiday in South Africa, particularly for female travellers on their own. Stick to well-lit areas at night, and opt for taxis (ordered by your hotel) rather than walking.  Be aware that hitching, day or night, is risky.  Also, when in doubt about your surroundings and certainly in conservative rural areas, go for modest dress.

Don't overdo the jewellery, limit the amount of cash you carry, and ensure your camera in a lockable bag.  As a safety precaution, keep a cell phone on your person - or at least your hotel telephone number and address (most accommodation facilities can give you a printed card with these details).  In bars and nightclubs, ask that drinks get poured in front of you.

By exercising common sense, you can count on a great South African women-friendly holiday.