The Rhinos are coming. Join the Charge.

Our commitment to Conservation

Although a Rhino may look quite indestructible (it’s the second largest animal on land and weighs on average two tonnes!), populations have plummeted in the past and now there are fears that the rhino is facing renewed risk of extinction. As the demand for rhino horn increases in the Far East there has been a rapid increase in poaching of the beautiful white and black rhinos. 

Since the 1960’s, dedicated conservationists in South Africa have fought hard to save these precious members of the Big Five. Today, the South African National Defence Force are employed to defend the white rhino in an effort to stem the tide of poaching, while conservationists work hard to change perceptions about consumption in markets where the rhino horn is used. 

The rhinos are coming. Join the charge.

In an effort to increase awareness and stop rhino poaching, South African Tourism has partnered with Taronga Conservation Society Australia. Taronga Wild! Rhinos is a Wild in Art event where businesses, artists and schools work together to create a world-class rhino sculpture trail from the Sydney Harbour foreshore through the Blue Mountains to Dubbo and the Central West region of New South Wales. 

From February – April 2014 a huge herd of colourful rhino sculptures painted by artists and local schools will charge across New South Wales as part of a mass public art exhibition to help raise both awareness, and following an auction of the sculptures, valuable funds for Taronga’s world leading Black Rhino breeding program and in-situ conservation projects. Be sure to look out for our Safari Party and Geometric And The Rhino sculptures along the way! 

The #wildrhinos are coming. Have you spotted our rhinos at Hyde Park and Mosman? Don’t forget to tag us @SouthAfricaANZ with your pictures! 

For more information on the event visit www.taronga.org.au/wild-rhinos.

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