Food tours

A true taste of South Africa

Travellers can savour the flavours of South African cuisine through cooking and eating tours

Foodie travellers can eat and cook their way around the country with a range of delicious South African cuisine tours.

Travellers in search of edible adventure are in for a South African-style treat. Whether you want to cook Cape Malay cuisine in the Bo-Kaap or dig up Kalahari truffles with San hunter gatherers there is a South African cuisine tour to suit your taste.

Food tourism is hot the world over. Gone are the days when vacationers wanted the taste of home when travelling abroad. Modern sightseers have insatiable appetites for alimentary authenticity. There are a plethora of South African cuisine tours to help you, the hungry traveller, seek out the food cultures and hospitality traditions that will reflect the tastes of your trip.

African epicurean adventures will allow you to use your mouth and your stomach to engage in a delicious study of the environment, history, climate and culture of our land. So, what is on offer for those seeking edible and quaffable excursions in South Africa?

The good news is that there are a range of options from über expensive Eurocentric gourmet exclusivity to super cheap cultural delights. Whether your palate prefers 5-course luxury on a Western Cape wine estate or morogo and chakalaka in a Free State township, South African cuisine tours have a plate to match your palate, a pot within your price range and a set of unique flavours that you will savour forever.

If you want to get into the kitchen and get your hands dirty the menu includes everything from opportunities to shop at a spaza store and cook umngqusho with a township family through to the chance to engage with our top chefs in high skill master classes deluxe. Want to learn how to taste our olive oils or fold our samoosas? We’ve got the class for you. If it’s booze rather than food that wets your appetite there are grape stomping weekends, wine tasting evenings and mampoer tours.

So why wait? There is a pot for you to stir, a spoon for you to lick and a range of delicious flavours for you to experience with a South African food tour.

Self-drive is the way to go unless you are part of an organised tour.

Food tours can be conducted all-year-round

Tour costs vary according to the time involved and whether or not accomodation is included. Expect to pay approximately R400 for a half-day tour.

South African summers can be hot and many tours involve walking and cooking outside. Sunblock and a hat are advisable.

South Africa boasts a range of accomodation options from luxury hotels to backpackers.

Try our local culinary icons - Cape Malay sosatie kebabs, Afrikaner koeksister fritters, Zulu dombolo dumplings and Durban style Indian bunny chows. 

Everything from San hunting and gathering tours to hands on fine dining master classes are available.

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South Africa is blessed with a myriad of international cultures, and thus boasts a huge smorgasbord of food tastes and styles.

South African Food Tours

With food tourism growing, this provides an overview of how travellers can savour South African cuisine through food and cooking tours.