Food and wine festivals

Festive feasting in South Africa

In South Africa, food and wine festivals take place countrywide throughout the year.

Food and wine festivals in South Africa promise epicurean experiences all year round. From big cities to tiny villages, you’ll find South African food and wine worth celebrating.

From niche to national, South Africa has a food and wine festival that’s sure to pique your culinary curiosity and get your taste buds tingling. From oysters to plain old cheese, there's a food festival for every occasion in South Africa.

"If you are food lover who recalls life’s best moments through plates of food and sips of wine then you have to check out our listing of South African food and wine festivals, making sure to include them on your itinerary.

South Africa’s reputation as a noted gastronomic destination just keeps growing. It’s well-known that our wines can hold their own with the best in the world, but did you know that South Africa also makes world-beating brandy, cheeses and olive oils; that the famous red-bush herbal drink, rooibos originated here; and that our fresh and dried fruits are internationally sought-after, along with our seafood, ostrich and venison?

At food and wine festivals in South Africa you can experience all these gastronomic delights and more. Five South African restaurants were ranked in the 2009 Top 100 Restaurants Awards. At festivals like the Franschhoek Bastille Festival and Taste of Joburg, you can munch you way through signature dishes from many acclaimed local establishments.

And then there's the opportunity to sniff, slurp and swirl your way through hundreds of the country’s finest wines at the Stellenbosch Wine Festival and the Robertson Wacky Wine Weekend.

If you love to seek out local delicacies on your travels, food and wine events like the Knysna Oyster and the Riebeek Valley Olive festivals will satisfy your craving for delicious food and drink. Expect lots of lovingly handcrafted local produce, intriguing ingredients and blends that will surprise you.

The festivals have a magical way of opening the window onto a nation’s soul – especially where its appetite is concerned. Begin a new chapter in your recipe book of life: attend a South African food and wine festival, and start creating gourmet memories you can tell your grandchildren about.

Food and wine festivals are seasonal, and happen all year round. There is seldom a time of year when there is not at least one taking place.

Each festival has a different theme - from cherry picking to wine and cheese tasting, to seafood or restaurant fare. Select according to taste.

Check the festival website links for specific information. 

Most festivals offer plenty of gastronomic delights that you can buy. Once again, this will vary according to the festival theme.

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Some unique South African food and wine festivals include those dedicated to the joys of biltong, mampoer and prickly pears.

South African food and wine festivals – a taste of diversity

An overview of South African food and wine festivals featuring some of the best restaurants, producers, products and events the industry has to offer.