Welcome to South Africa!

Land of good food, good music, good times and friendly people!

It's vibrant. Alive. Filled with culture and zest. Where you'll find star-studded nights and bright city lights, world-renowned wines and exquisite cuisines. It's a place where you'll find the roar of lions amongst the whisper of grasslands.

Where you will enjoy so much more, for far less than you thought possible.

Come explore. Come meet. Come discover.


Our Top Experiences


Urban Spas

Tranquil city sanctuaries South Africa’s spa options are varied – there are bush spas, country spas, coastal spas and luckily for stressed-out city dwellers - there are excellent urban spas on offer. These tranquil havens give one time to pause and replenish the energy levels in a... more


Twelve Apostles Sanctuary Spa

Back to Nature The Twelve Apostles Hotel & Sanctuary Spa is a sublime spa experience where mountain-top gazebos offer full views of the incredible Atlantic Ocean and the Twelve Apostles mountain range. The Twelve Apostles Hotel & Sanctuary Spa is a magical place - cut into sur... more


Canopy tours

Around and about atop the forest!  Get up and into the sky and see forests like you’ve never seen them before. Ascend the world of the canopy of forests and witness the profusion of life as well as incredible views - with an amazing canopy tour. Canopy Tours are one of the most ama... more


South African Nightclubs

One country, many clubs Whether you are talking townships or city suburbs, downtown or semi-rural, you will find nightclubs in every South African town and city. Each city has its own identity and a nightlife that reflects this personality, catering for a wide range of musical tastes.... more