Urban Spas

Tranquil city sanctuaries

South Africa’s spa options are varied – there are bush spas, country spas, coastal spas and luckily for stressed-out city dwellers - there are excellent urban spas on offer. These tranquil havens give one time to pause and replenish the energy levels in a calm environment far away from frenetic everyday life.

Traffic, shopping malls, busy sidewalks, everyday hustle and bustle... sometimes one just needs to get away from it all - and our urban spas offer the perfect escape.

An important part of the South African spa industry are the urban spas - situated in and around our major cities. Nobody needs a spa experience more than those living in or visiting our favourite cities and the good news is that there are a wealth of award-winning spas on offer.

Whether you're in Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria or Johannesburg you will find an urban spa close-by. The basic treatment menus include facials, and generic beauty therapies (pedicures, manicures etc.) plus a range of additional treatments such as massage, reflexology, and alternative treatments. It's always a good idea to enquire about the spa's Signature treatments (usually linked to special offers) and each urban spa will offer a different type of delicious treatment aimed at restoring and reviving.

Look out for the Tibetan Sound Therapy treatment at the Saxon Spa and Studio in Sandton; the 4-Hand massage at the Balinese-inspired Fairlawns Spa (Johannesburg); the Traditional African Royal Gift treatment at Mangwanani Sibaya (close to Durban) and the Pinotage Spa facial at Serenite Wellness Centre, near Cape Town.

Treatments at these day spas usually vary from half-day to full-day packages, but there is something for everyone - so if you only have an hour or two to spare there will be a treatment or therapy to suit your needs.

Spas in South Africa offer an incredibly high-standard of professionalism and hygiene, so it's not surprising that many of our urban spas have won international awards for quality and originality.

So, why not put city stress on hold for an hour or two and visit on of South Africa's beauty spas - you'll soon forget you're in a big city environment as your adrenalin levels give way to the calming effects of a pamper session at one of our delightful urban spas.