South African Nightclubs

One country, many clubs

Whether you are talking townships or city suburbs, downtown or semi-rural, you will find nightclubs in every South African town and city. Each city has its own identity and a nightlife that reflects this personality, catering for a wide range of musical tastes.

South Africa's nightclubs offer an excellent example of how our heritage and culture have combined to create a huge range of nightlife entertainment that caters for every taste, style and genre imaginable.

When one refers to South Africa as the rainbow nation, one might as well be referring to its many faces of fun as much as its ethnic and biodiversity.

These South African nightclubs cater for the entire range of musical and stylistic tastes of South Africans as well as those of our visitors. You will find jazz and salsa clubs next door to house and trance venues and up the road from clubs playing rock, kwaito, hip-hop, punk or heavy metal.

Traditional music clubs, pop music clubs, theme bars and retrospective clubs all exist. If you have a special interest, you will find a nightclub catering for it somewhere in South Africa.

From the opulent, upmarket dance culture of Rhodes House in Cape Town to the Afrocentric vibe of Moloko in Johannesburg, nightclubs in South Africa pride themselves on delivering a tailor-made experience to a discerning clientele.

There's the multi-purpose venue Carfax in Newtown, Johannesburg, that can and does host anything from rock to rave and everything in between, Zeppelins in Pretoria for black-clad goths and Chrome in Cape Town for the rave generation.

Your Internet search engine is your best friend and some specific searching for nightclubs in South Africa will turn up what you are looking for. Whether your choice is to experience local culture or submerge yourself in an international trend, it' out there in the heart of South Africa's urban sprawl.