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Canopy tours

Around and about atop the forest!  Get up and into the sky and see forests like you’ve never seen them before. Ascend the world of the canopy of forests and witness the profusion of life as well as...

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SAB World of Beer

A history of the brew Delve into the history of beer-brewing in South Africa at the SAB World of Beer. One of the world’s most ancient beverages is being brewed in Johannesburg's Newtown. Tour the SAB World of Beer and discover how humble grains transform into liquid gold. A visit t... more


Midlands Meander

Country meets adventure The Midlands Meander is a spectacle of nature and crafts The Midlands Meander route is one of the largest and most popular art and crafts routes in South Africa, featuring wild and mild adventure activities. Showcasing world-class hospitality and agricultural i... more


The Garden Route

South Africa's coastal playground.  This is a landscape of tall trees, curving coastline, mountain hideaways, artist communities and modern malls. The trick with travelling along the Garden Route is to have enough time to keep slipping off the N2 onto the side-roads with promising de... more


The Friendly N6 Route

From the Karoo to the Eastern Cape A journey from the grassland to the mountains to the sea. Mountain retreats, cultural experiences and fascinating birdlife all the way down to East London – that’s the quiet magic of the Friendly N6 route. Along the N6 route which connects the Fr... more


The Transfrontier Project

A highly biodiverse, scenic water factory Curved in a sickle shape around the highest mountains south of the equator lies the Maloti-Drakensberg Transfrontier Project. Some call it the water factory. Others see it as one of the most scenic, biodiverse, exquisite landscapes in the worl... more


Penguin conservation

Reaching out to save the African penguin African penguins – knee high and rather formally dressed – have overcome a number of conservation challenges. African penguin numbers have been diminishing for decades but the sheer ingenuity of South Africans in saving them has come to the... more